Saturday, August 06, 2011

FULL MOON ESBAT Artisan Alchemy Soy Votives w/ Real Sterling Silver for Goddess & Light Work, Anointing, Pulling Intentions Into Reality

ז׳ באב תשע"א
Lughnasadh 9

The FULL MOON is a time of expressive Feminine Power throughout creation and all manifest reality, whether physical or subtle. A time for anointing and consecrating, the Full Moon is also a time for celebrating feminine spirituality and for drawing into reality the intentions given the breath of Life under the power of the Dark Moon. As the Dark Moon Goddess says, "let there be Life," the Bright Moon Goddess says, "and there is Life."

For those who operate or desire to operate with the FULL MOON power of Second Sight Clarity, the potential for self actualization beckons and calls with the promise of radical Awareness. Answer the call of the Full Moon using these exquisite FULL MOON ESBAT Artisan Alchemy™ ritual altar spell soy pillar votive candles. Handcrafted with premium certified kosher soy wax and pure cotton wick, hand poured and witch-crafted individually with focused magical intent, and charged with a triplet of herbs sacred to the Moon Goddess (Myrrh, Sandalwood and Jasmine), FULL MOON ESBAT votives are an elegant testimony to the manifesting power of Light. Boldly scented with the powerfully deep mystical aroma of Myrrh, Sandalwood and Jasmine, each uniquely Artisan crafted FULL MOON ESBAT votive is dusted with ultra fine genuine real STERLING SILVER Moon Goddess fairy shimmer (made with Sterling Silver) and gemstone charged with White Moonstone.

FULL MOON ESBAT votives may also be used for acquisition of practical knowledge, skill and wisdom, and for increasing stored magical energy, empowering spells, dreamwork, communion with manifest companions, and implementation of work toward set goals.

This listing is for a set of 3 straight pillar soy votives.

Each votive measures 2" tall.

Matching soy pillar candle is also available (see separate listing). Matching ritual oil available in the Potions / Oils / Brews section of the shoppe.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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chiccoreal said...

Imagine this candle smells quite incredible! Sounds very healing and giving!