Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grade AAA Natural Raw PERIDOT from Pakistan for Faery and Goddess Magic, Clarity, Wisdom, Enlightenment - 50 carats

י״ז באב תשע"א
Lughnasadh 19

Rich translucent and opaque mint green color tones grace these natural earth mined Grade AAA PERIDOT specimens from Pakistan. PERIDOT is also known as the Evening Emerald due to its penchant for turning deeper green at night.

One of the gemstones in the ancient breastplate of the High Priest in service to the Hebrew God of Israel, PERIDOT is also a stone favored in nature-based religions of Goddess. The Fae and nature spirits of all kinds are enamored by lovely green PERIDOT, and are especially fond of PERIDOT in its natural raw form. Holy in ancient Egypt as well, the chalices from which Egyptian High Priests drank their sacred Soma were made from large specimens of PERIDOT. PERIDOT cleanses emotional negativity, augments clear thinking and supports clarity of perception.

This listing is for **50 carats** of high quality grade AAA natural Peridot. The specimen(s) you will receive will be of those shown in the photo. Stones vary in size - the number of stones you get will depend on the size and weight of the stones. If you prefer one large stone over a greater number of smaller stones, write a note to seller at checkout and I will accommodate your request if I am able.

Comes beautifully packaged in a jewelry pouch.


chiccoreal said...

Dear Liorah: Could you please tell me how much a ct peridot would cost in Canadian dollars, s&h? Are these gemstones unpolished? They have a very balancing effect on me; calming and magical green fairie-sprite anything is possible with love feeling! Thank-you dear!

Myfanwy said...

Here's a link to a universal currency converter which does the calculation:

currency converter

Myfanwy said...

and yes, these peridot specimens are unpolished.

Also, I haven't the capacity to accurately weigh below 5 carats, so I cannot sell 1 carat to you.