Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Magical Art of Spiritual Maturity

כ״ט באב תשע"א
Belz 2

Masters of Kabbalah, the magical tradition of the ancient Hebrews and of Jewish mystics today, teach that the broken imbalance of the world is a result of shattered emotional consciousness and overwhelming feelings of self-importance and self-centeredness (generated in natural consequence to living in a state of spiritual immaturity). In contradistinction to spiritual immaturity, Masters of Kabbalah also teach that "spiritual maturity is the pliancy of one’s emotions, a state that can only be achieved by subduing one’s ego and feelings of self-importance."

Kabbalah further teaches that one of the primary practical methods for subduing the ego, transmuting feelings of self-importance, evolving spiritually, and advancing in the magical arts is to give charity. Charity "can come in many forms: giving money is one form, as are giving time, energy and most importantly in our generation, giving over teachings of the inner dimension" [of esoteric knowledge].

Reference: R. Ginsburgh, The Inner Dimension

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