Thursday, November 03, 2011

How You Can Know Your Candle is Pure Soy

ז׳ בחשון תשע"ב
Phasma Priscus 10

How you can know that your candles are made with 100% soy ... frosting.

With time, candles made with 100% soy will form tiny, white, frosted-looking crystals on the top of the wax and/or on the sides of the jar. It looks very similar to the white frosted look that sometimes appears on chocolate. Most people don't mind frosting and many even like the effect. In fact, many customers have said they look for frosting as a sign that the candle is indeed made with soy and not paraffin. You can remove this frosting by buffing the candle lightly with hosiery.

Some soy candle manufacturers add paraffin wax (called a parasoy blend) to their candles to eliminate frosting. The soy used in candles crafted at Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy™ IS NOT one of these soy-paraffin blended waxes. My shoppe's soy manufacturer is committed to providing you with paraffin-free candles and therefore does not add paraffin to the certified kosher pure soy wax it manufactures specifically as an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin and soy-paraffin wax blends. My pure soy wax is a top-of-line quality eco-friendly wax, and because of this, is more expensive than other waxes (which is why my candles cost a bit more than the candles from other shoppes who use paraffin or soy-paraffin blends).

While I have experimented with my dyes, fragrance oils, and pour temperatures to keep frosting to a minimum, some frosting is nevertheless to be expected with all pure soy candles.

Pure soy candles whose surfaces are glossed with candle gloss don't form frosting as quickly and as easily as pure soy candles whose surfaces are not glossed. I do offer a few glossed candles at my shoppe, but most candles are not glossed and do form frosting with time.

So, when you see the frosting form, you can be assured that your candle is made with 100% pure soy wax and NOT with a soy-paraffin wax blend.

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