Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BESOMIM Traditional Fragrant Havdalah Ceremonial Spices

י״ט בחשון תשע"ב
Phasma Priscus 22

Performed no earlier than nightfall on Saturday night, the traditional Old World mystical Jewish Havdalah ceremony marks the end of Shabbat and functions to transition Otherworldly sacred consciousness back into everyday mundane world awareness. Kabbalah teaches that during Shabbat an extra soul called the Neshamah Yeterah (נְשָׁמָה יְתֵרָה) is bestowed upon a person, and at the end of Shabbat, this extra soul retreats back into the Otherworld. The fragrant Havdalah spices, known as Besomim (and Besamim), comfort and strengthen the mundane soul and enables it to carry a portion of the mystical occult power of the Neshamah Yeterah with it throughout the week.

This listing is for one 5 dram corked glass vial of Havdalah spices consisting of whole cloves, cinnamon pieces, allspice, orange zest, crushed bay leaf and myrtle leaf. The glass vial is adorned with a silver pewter Star of David charm hung luxury woad blue Midori ribbon.

More on the Havdalah ritual and blessings may be found here -

Comes beautifully packaged with printed English and Hebrew ritual blessing to use with the Havdalah spices included.

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