Sunday, September 04, 2011

MORGAINE Sterling Silver Pentacle Faceted Gothic Black Locket w/ Dark Amber, Kiel's Musk and Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Solid Perfume

ו׳ באלול תשע"א
Belz 8

Mesmerizing. Mysterious. Hauntingly beautiful.

Queen of the Witches in Celtic Tradition, MORGAINE is the High Priestess of a mystical Sisterhood whose many magical powers include shapeshifting, healing and wortcraft. Beholden to no man, MORGAINE is the inspiration for this exquisite faceted Gothic Black Locket Pendant containing an inner chamber perfume potion which will leave you breathless.

Adorned with a sterling silver petite Pentacle charm, the Gothic style MORGAINE black pendant hangs on 2 black silk ribbons (of different widths) each measuring approximately 3 feet long (for a total of 6 feet of silk ribbon).

MORGAINE solid perfume is handcrafted with 100% all natural premium ingredients including pure perfectly filtered cosmetic grade Beeswax of exceptional fragrance, certified organic earth kosher Sweet Almond oil, Dark Amber resin, luxurious Kiel's Musk and exquisite Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla absolute oil. A powerfully rich balsamic scent with deeply dark, earthy notes, there is nothing quite as intoxicatingly lovely as Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla spiced with Dark Amber and classy Kiel's Musk.

Enchanting MORGAINE solid perfume is made with pure incense resin, absolute oil, and luxury Musk oil - NOT the cheaper fragrance blends found in so many perfumes. The difference is one you will definitely appreciate. This blend is perfumery at its finest and most elegant.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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