Sunday, September 11, 2011

MOONFLOWER Ritual Perfume Potion w/ Moonflower Petal, Moonstone, Real Sterling Silver & White Gold for Extraordinary White Goddess Magic

י״ג באלול תשע"א
Belz 15

LIMITED EDITION with real MOONFLOWER petal specimen.

Poetic, prophetic, legendary ... Unlock the extraordinary power of White Goddess Magic.

Decidedly creative and idiosyncratic, the White Goddess empowers an ever living ancient reality experienced today by modern pagans of European ancestry. Entwined throughout this unified Divine Feminine-human folk consciousness threads the phases of the Moon as it buds, blooms, and enlivens every Night with each touch of its pure white petals.

In loving honor of the White Goddess, the Goddess of my Celtic and Germanic ancestors and of myself as one soul among them, is this MOONFLOWER Artisan Alchemy™ ritual perfume potion dedicated.

Handcrafted with a tiny rare sacred specimen of genuine Moonflower petal from my own Night-blooming wonder, this exquisite MOONFLOWER ritual perfume potion is richly scented with the magical aroma of mystical Moonflowers and gemstone charged with Moonstone. Dusted with genuine sterling silver and white gold shimmer, each powerfully potent potion is adorned with hand painted luxury Moon Goddess Hanah Silk ribbon.

This listing is for 3mls of MOONFLOWER perfume potion.

MOONFLOWER is also available as a set of pillar votives and as a 2x3", 2x4", 2.5x6", 3x4", 3x6", 3x9" and 3x15" pillar (convo me for custom listing).

Comes beautifully packaged.

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