Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Are You Really Buying Handmade?

ח׳ באלול תשע"א
Belz 10

It has been my experience as a shoppe owner that some Etsy buyers don't really read the full item description when making a purchase and seem surprised that my handcrafted items are **made to order**. I don't mass produce my candles or any other handcrafted items. Each listing is in compliance with Etsy policy and states in the listing that handcrafted items are **made to order** - in other words, items are not taken off a shelf somewhere and shipped immediately to the buyer.

All of my candles and ritual items are individually witch-crafted with focused magical intent specifically for each buyer within the context of sacred craftworking. I'm not going to send anyone an impotent candle that's been sitting on a shelf shedding energy. I'm going to invest my time to craft you something extraordinarily magical.

Here is a link to my shoppe's policies - in my shoppe's welcome message I recommend any potential buyer read these policies prior to making a purchase. This recommendation applies not only to my shoppe, but to any shoppe on Etsy - be an informed buyer when making a purchase.

You may find and be surprised at just how many Etsy shoppes list and sell clearly commercial (without any kind of handmade artistic alteration whatsoever) items as handmade. They do this to position their commercial items advantageously among the handmade listings instead of with the commercial listings - which is against Etsy policy to do, but to these kinds of sellers, ethical business practices are not an issue, making sales whatever it takes is the issue. Are you really buying handmade ... you may be surprised.

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