Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Handcrafted GRAVEYARD SHIFT 6" Soy Taper Candles w/ Gold Seal Dragon's Blood and Herbal Graveyard Dust - Set of Two Powerful Spell Candles

ח׳ באלול תשע"א
Belz 10

Powerful and extraordinarily magical!

Handcrafted with certified kosher soy wax and pure cotton wick, these 6 inch by 3/4 inch GRAVEYARD SHIFT spell candles are scented with an original deeply rich blend of Gold Seal Dragon's Blood resin oil exclusive to WITCHCRAFTS™ and magically charged with my own original blend of herbal graveyard dust (also sold separately in the shoppe). GRAVEYARD SHIFT tapers are good for Samhain, summoning ancestors, spirit conjuring, seances, divination, mourning rituals and Otherworld pathworking.

Each unique spell candle measures 6" tall x approximately 3/4" diameter.

This listing is for a set of two (2) spell candles bound together with handmade Dark Mists silk sari ribbon and witch's cobwebbing fabric.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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