Monday, July 22, 2013

KARMIC RETRIBUTION Focused Ritual Spell Kit for Initiating Flow of Karmic Retribution, Justice, Return to Sender, Banish Evil Eye Influence


Potent, powerful, proven.

A potently formulated kit designed to pack a powerful punch against aggressive enemies, this KARMIC RETRIBUTION Focused Ritual Kit by WITCHCRAFTS Artisan Alchemy™ will assist you to successfully invoke universal cosmic karmic forces and to direct the flow of these forces toward perfect justice, restoring harmony, peace and well-being to your own life. Deal death to the power of the Evil Eye, return to sender the malicious, envious and harmful energies directed at you by invoking the wyrd spiritual laws of karma to work on your behalf. Prevent the baneful actions of others from adversely influencing your world. Conjure up peace in your environment. Call out KARMIC RETRIBUTION.

This KARMIC RETRIBUTION Focused Ritual Spell Kit contains:

One KARMIC RETRIBUTION black herb charged pillar candle, 2x3"
One KARMIC RETRIBUTION Incense Blend, 0.5 oz. vial
One KARMIC RETRIBUTION Ritual Oil with herbs, roots, resins, more, 3 ml spell bottle
One KARMIC RETRIBUTION Four Thieves Vinegar with herbs & roots, 3 ml spell bottle
One KARMIC RETRIBUTION Magic Flash paper (wrapped inside scroll)
One KARMIC RETRIBUTION Instruction Spell Scroll

Comes beautifully packaged with tissue paper in a black gift box adorned with black ribbon.

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