Monday, July 15, 2013

BEWITCHING Black Rose Lace Pillar Candle w/ Carnation Petals, Vetiver, Lime, Bay, Patchouli, More - Seduction, Witchy Romance, Hot Love

Bewitching Pillar Candle

 Stunningly bewtiching, exotically wicked, powerful magical!

Beautifully commanding and compelling, bewitch a lover with this enchanting BEWITCHING Black Rose Lace Pillar Candle handcrafted with premium all natural paraffin wax and pure cotton wick. Herb charged with red and white Carnation flowers, Vetiver and Patchouli Leaf, BEWITCHING is generously scented with a commanding and compelling blend of Vetivert, Lime, Bay, Patchouli and more. Wicked black rose lace adorns this awesome rustic red candle.

Measures 2 X 3 inches. Each candle exhibits a uniquely mottled pattern, please allow for natural variation.

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