Sunday, July 14, 2013

ANCIENT MAGIC AMPHORA Witches Potion Bottle, Enchanting Corked Glass Vessel with Sturdy Metal Stand, Your Choice of Colors & Charms

Ancient Magic Amphoras

Engage, harness and direct the timeless ancient energies of natural magic! Exquisitely flowing with mystical enchantment, each eco-friendly ANCIENT MAGIC AMPHORA corked vessel is made with 40% recycled glass. Designed as a replica of the amphoras used by the ancients, each beautiful vessel is formed with two handles and a long neck narrower than the body. Your choice of charm hangs on a silver plated or bronze chain (to match the chosen charm), making this lovely potion bottle an enchanting adornment for your ritual altar.

Measures 7.5" in height with stand x 3" wide.
Capacity to hold 6.1 ounces/180 ml.

Your choice of colors and charms.

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