Monday, June 20, 2011

PROTECTION Bellarmine Witch Bottle

י״ט בסיון תשע"א
Alban Heruin 21

A very old "bottled spell" device used to draw and deflect baneful forces away from its owner, a traditional Bellarmine witch bottle is a small flask about 3 inches high created from clay or glass. Used to neutralize spells cast by malicious witches, protect against magical attack, reverse curses, and to trap evil spirits, a witch bottle for protection historically contained personal taglock items such as hair, urine or nail clippings. Other traditional protective inclusions are broken glass, twisted pins, rusty nails, menstrual blood, wood, bone and other such curios.

Adorned with a protective silver pentacle charm hung on handmade black silk sari ribbon, this PROTECTION Bellarmine corked glass witch bottle stands about 3 inches tall and contains nine protective curios:

broken glass
black Jet gemstone
rusty coffin nail
hawthorn thorn
birch wood
dragon's blood resin chunks
stinging nettle

Add your own taglocks to the bottle, seal it with wax, then bury or hide it where it will never be discovered.

Comes securely packaged.

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