Saturday, June 25, 2011

FAERY GLOVES Witch's Magic Antique Copper Celtic Triquetra Poison Pendant Talisman

כ״ג בסיון תשע"א
Alban Heruin 25

Pronounced Shee, the Sidhe are powerful Faerie beings known in Celtic folklore as the Good People who descended from the Tuatha de Danann. These magical beings live under mounds, fairy raths and cairns. They bless whom they will bless, heal whom they will heal, protect whom they will protect, and teach whom they will teach.

Attract, invoke, and bring into your world all the joyful blessings of the Sidhe with this FAERY GLOVES Celtic Triquetra copper talisman containing genuine Foxglove flowers and olive green Peridot - both high favorites of the Fae.

The pendant tube measures approximately 35cm x 8cm (1.5" x 5/16") including the antiqued copper end caps. The antiqued copper Celtic Triquetra bail measures 5.7mm x 5.3mm x 9.5mm. The exquisitely detailed bail has a Triquetra design on both sides and another similar Celtic knot on the top of the bail. The pendant is hung on a high quality 24" copper 2.4mm ball chain with connector.

This exquisite poison pendant comes beautifully packaged in a black velvet oval jewelry pouch.

As a genuine container of magic, should a time come when the talisman is no longer needed, please bury it where it will never be found or consign it to a fire OUTSIDE. Never indiscriminately discard it.

**SAFETY WARNING - Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is TOXIC and POISONOUS, and may be LETHAL if ingested. DO NOT INGEST. Keep locked away from children, pets, and unsuspecting adults.**

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