Friday, June 17, 2011

HIGH PRIESTESS Circle of Thirteen Ritual Oil

ט״ו בסיון תשע"א
Alban Heruin 17

The HIGH PRIESTESS is an intelligent, enlightened, magically mature multifaceted woman whose wisdom, understanding, knowledge, intelligence and richness of mind provides an anchoring example to those who know her. In Welsh Celtic Tradition, as in Jewish Tradition, the understanding of the HIGH PRIESTESS is of both Dark and Light nature. A force of unified complexity, she lives life close to the source of inspiration, faith and peace.

The number thirteen refers to mystical unity and to the idea that there are 13 channels through which Divine Wisdom flows from the superconscious source into the beginnings of consciousness. It is taught in mystical Kabbalah that there are 13 vectors or spiritual states associated with complete consciousness, or total enlightened awareness of Being.

HIGH PRIESTESS Circle of Thirteen is made to lift your consciousness toward complete awareness, opening up to you the full and awesome power of the Mysteries.

A potent mystical blend exclusive to WITCHCRAFTS, handcrafted with premium certified organic botanicals, and designed to help you conjure your HIGH PRIESTESS power, this Old Ways witch-crafted, naturally Rose colored, magical HIGH PRIESTESS Circle of Thirteen ritual oil is a unique blend of thirteen select botanicals from the Dark Crone's cupboard, including White Sandalwood, Calamus Root, Camphor, Chickweed, Jasmine, Passion Flower, Myrrh, Lemon Peel, Lotus, Red Poppy, Almond, Peony Root and rare Black Mallow Petals. Encircling these thirteen sacred ingredients with a stunningly ethereal scent, HIGH PRIESTESS reverberates with the enchanting aroma of Honey, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Vanilla. Black Moonstone strikes the potion with the Deep Mind gemstone power of the Moon.

The 1/2 ounce glass bottle of HIGH PRIESTESS is adorned with a Goddess triplet of ribbons including handmade Dark Mists silk sari ribbon, black tulle and pale silver organdy ribbon. A lovely silver HIGH PRIESTESS Triple Moon charm adds the finishing touch.

Use HIGH PRIESTESS for advancing your journey toward complete enlightenment, wisdom, understanding, insight, knowledge, intuition, magical maturity, artistry, creativity, lunar alchemy, moon magic and sacred sabbat rites.

**SAFETY WARNING** - This is a powerfully invocative oil, please use caution when working with it. Your life may change dramatically after using it.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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