Monday, September 27, 2010

WISDOM of the OLD WAYS Witch's Altar Ladder / Silk Sari Handfasting Cord

י״ט בתשרי תשע"א
Blodlessing 20

"The Craft of the Wise is about joining together two realities, using the medium of the conscious human mind and body; it is about bringing together what is seen, with what is unseen. It is about Wholeness. In that wholeness is power and Wisdom ... There is no peace or true and lasting happiness without Wisdom." [Robin Artisson, The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill]

"The Woman of Valor opens her mouth with Wisdom. [Proverbs 31:26]

measures 73 inches (the gematria-numerology of the magical Hebrew word חכמה - Chochmah, Wisdom).

Created in sacred space under the gibbous Moon of Might, mystically magical WISDOM of the OLD WAYS is an extraordinarily beautiful witch's altar ladder and/or handfasting cord.

Handcrafted with rare dark and richly mysterious Silk Sari ribbon (made from strips of cut silk sari fabric exquisitely laced throughout with deep burgundy, royal blues and other dark colors), handspun Midnight Twig Racka yarn (featuring the colors of Nature ranging from dark browns through rusty tones to true black, even having some strands of white), black satiny ribbon, 3 genuine Amber gemstone beads (7-11 mm), 1 genuine deep black Jet bead (10 mm round), 9 jet black opaque glass crow beads, 22 knots and a Pewter pentacle charm (20 x 17mm).

A fossilized resin of coniferous trees, projective Amber is possibly the oldest substance used for human adornment. Associated with the Divine Great Mother, fire, Akasha, the Sun, time, longevity, love, healing, strength, protection and beauty, beads and pendants of Amber have been found in European gravesites dating back to at least 8000 BCE. Warm to the touch and often containing insect inclusions, Amber possesses the power of the Life and Death. Rubbed Amber becomes electrically charged. Witches, wise women and shamans use Amber to strengthen spells.

A gemstone which is actually fossilized wood millions of years old, Jet (also known as Witches' Amber) is receptive. Associated with Earth (due to its black color), Akasha (due to its organic origins), Saturn, protection, luck, divination and health, Jet, like Amber, may become electrically charged. Lore teaches that when worn continually, Jet absorbs part of the wearer's "soul" and becomes a powerfully magical tool, and maintains the proper flow of energy throughout the body.

Amber and Jet have both been found in prehistoric graves, testifying to the antiquity of their use as spiritual stones.

The pentacle is a powerful protective symbol of the Old Ways, of Witch Craft.

Nine is the diameter of the witch's sacred circle.

Like the number of knots in OLD WAYS, there are 22 letters in the magical Hebrew alphabet.

OLD WAYS comes beautifully packaged with a small surprise gift included.

This magical wisdom cord may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah LLeucu.

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