Monday, September 13, 2010

ALCHEMY Drawing Down The Moon Esbat Candle

ה' בתשרי תשע"א
Blodlessing 6

Invocative, potent, transformative.

One of the most beautiful and powerful rituals of Witchcraft is known as Drawing Down the Moon (and as Drawing Down Goddess). The sacred invocation of Goddess is an alchemical magical act unleashing a profound living energy of self-transformation, transmutation of consciousness and theurgic mystical experience. This ALCHEMY Drawing Down the Moon Full Moon Esbat Sacred Ritual Candle is handcrafted and created in honor of Goddess and dedicated to every witch's desire to experience Goddess within her.

Prepare to meet your Goddess with this exquisite ALCHEMY ritual candle.

ALCHEMY is magically charged with crushed certified organic earth kosher Jasmine Flowers, the essential oils of Jasmine, White Sandalwood and Frankincense, and with a Moonstone gemstone nugget. The dripping soy wax colored with the barest hint of blue mica sparkles with silver and blue ultra fine micro-glitter. ALCHEMY measures 2 x 7.25 inches and is adorned with a silver pewter Spiral Goddess charm hung on white and metallic silver ribbons.

Comes beautifully packaged.

**Handcrafted scented Drawing Down the Moon Full Moon Esbat ritual candle made with 100% all natural, pure premium, ecofriendly, certified kosher SOY wax itself made with 100% American farmer soybeans grown domestically in the USA without herbicides or pesticides!!! Candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner, burning without soot buildup.**

**Altar tile NOT INCLUDED.**

ALCHEMY may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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