Monday, July 26, 2010

Witches Flying Ointments

ט"ו באב תש"ע
Lughnasadh 16

Collected online recipes for flying ointments.



Recipe 1 - Traditional English Flying Ointment

3 grams annamthol
30 grams betel
50 grams extract of opium
6 grams cinquefoil
15 grams henbane
15 grams belladonna
15 grams hemlock
250 grams cannabis Indica
5 grams canthreidin

Blend with oil of your choice of fat, vaseline, safflower oil, or butter.

Recipe 2

The Gardnerian Book of Shadows includes multiple recipes for flying ointments, derived from older works. The traditional English flying ointment includes: 100 grams lard, 5 grams hashish (“first quality”), handful hemp flower, handful poppy flower, pinch powdered hellbore root, and pinch ground sunflower seed.

Recipe 3

Another European recipe calls for 3 grams annamthol, 50 grams extract of opium, 30 grams extract of betel, 6 grams cinquefoul, 15 grams henbane, 15 grams belladonna, 15 grams ordinary hemlock, 250 grams indian hemp (cannabis indica), 5 grams cantharides, gum tragacanth, powdered sugar, and any oil (olive oil recommended) or creme (lanoline recommended).

Recipe 4

1/4 c shea butter (or you can use lard)
1/2 tsp clove oil
1 tsp ash
1/4 tsp dried cinquefoil
1/4 tsp dried mugwort
1/4 tsp dried thistle
1/4 tsp dried vervain
1/2 tsp tincture of benzoin

Using a mortal and pestle, crush the dried herbs until almost powdered. In a small cauldron heat the shea butter/lard over a very low flame until melted completely. Add the herbs, clove oil, and ash and mix well. Add the benzoin (natual preservative), stir it all together clockwise, and then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain it through a cheesecloth into a small heat-resistant container, and then allow it to cool. Store it in your refrigerator or in a cool dark place until it is ready to be used.

Recipe 5 - Modern American Flying Ointment

1 jar hand cream
1 tsp. vegetable fat
1/2 tsp. belladonna
3 drops of liquid detergent
1/2 tsp. wolfsbane juice

Mix well with perfume of your choosing

This page may be updated as new recipes are found.

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