Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Circle Incense Recipe

ב' באב תש"ע
Lughnasadh 3

Circle Incense Recipe - for outdoor rituals only

1/2 T mint,
1/2 T tarragon
1 T sandalwood
1 T cedar
1 T wolfsbane
1 T henbane
1 T belladonna
2 T vervain
1 cup allspice
1 cup lobelia
1/2 cup myrrh
1 handful of rose petals
1/2 T dirt from a magic circle (gather dirt from a magic circle you make in the woods or yard)
4 oz heliotrope (valerian) oil

CAUTION! USE/BURN OUT OF DOORS IN THE WOODS and in well ventilated outside area only! DON'T INHALE.

Store sealed in a tightly closed glass jar out of the sun in a locked cabinet or box - this blend contains some highly poisonous herbs - DO NOT INGEST. Handle carefully, DO NOT DISPENSE INCENSE WITH BARE HANDS, and keep out of reach of children and unsuspecting adults.

Recipe from Lady Rose.

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