Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ethnopharmacology Of Poisonous Plants

ז' באב תש"ע
Lughnasadh 8

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications by anthropologist and ethnopharmacologist Christian Rätsch.

This new addition to my bookshelf is a superb academic reference and comprehensive text devoted to psychoactive plants. This book is a MUST-HAVE for any witch thinking about working magically and safely with Belladonna or any other potentially poisonous plant. "Each major monograph contains the plant’s scientific and common names, chemical structure, history, distribution, cultivation, appearance, preparation and dosage, ritual and medicinal uses, commercial forms and regulations, and effects, as well as research literature references." (Andy Wickens, Library Journal, August 2005)

"Christian Rätsch’s remarkable Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants is an essential and comprehensive work that explores not only the expanse of plants that affect human consciousness but the genetic necessity for humanity to experience wide-ranging flexibility in consciousness. The plant world is basic to us, the foundation of our food, clothing, and shelter. But Christian’s book reminds us that human/plant interactions reach much deeper than these three needs; plant intelligence reaches deep within us and teaches us to see, hear, and understand the deep meanings in the world, meanings that we need, and are meant, to encounter in order to remain human." (Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of The Secret Teachings of Plants and The Lost Language of Plants)

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