Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wytche Blessings Perfume Oil

ב' אייר תשס"ט
Annwn 3

In perfect love and perfect trust. Give wings to your spells and prayers, invoke the highest form of love, bring blessings down from the stars, and call up inspiration from the earth.

Wytche Blessings Perfume Oil is an intoxicating blend of frangipani, sandalwood and 3 types of wildharvested handpicked wildflowers from my yard, in a certified organic safflower oil base. Charged with a peridot gemstone, Wytche Blessings Perfume Oil was handcrafted during the planetary hour of Saturn (corresponding to reish, the magical letter of serenity) with the waxing crescent moon 5% full.

Naturally magical, powerfully enchanting, simply divine, the mother of all perfumes. A flower from the Pagoda tree (revered in India as the Tree of Life), frangipani epitomizes Sacred Perfection, its mesmerizing scent stimulates the unobstructed flow of benevolence, mercy and goodness into one's life, to shower blessings upon the soul. Peridot brings joy, health, wealth and happiness.

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