Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ground, Fly, Touch

י' ניסן תשס"ט
Raven 10

Three new enchantments are now available at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu:

Dew Of The Forest Floor ritual perfume oil. A truly exquisite, mesmerizing ritual perfume oil with the deeply penetrating scent liminally reminiscent of dew from an ancient forest floor. A potent potion of oakmoss absolute, labdanum absolute, wildcrafted guaiacwood, vanilla musk, juniper berry and vetiver in a safflower oil base, Dew Of The Forest Floor is full of pure pleasure and mystical magic. Deep, dark, moist, earthy, grounding. A hedgewitch's dream. Charged with a small natural amethyst crystal inside.

Witch's Flight Smudge is a shamanic blend of certified organic and wild harvested white ceremonial sage, black sage (artemesia vulgaris, also called mugwort and croneswort), uva ursi, pinon pine resin (pinus edulis), myrrh resin, frankincense resin, and premium white sandalwood with drops of hyssop pure essential oil.

Faery Finger Ritual Tea is my unique blend of Chinese foxglove (nonpoisonous rehmannia root), Ancient Forest black tea (from ancient tea plants 500 to 2,700 years old), white peony root, mullein flower, sweet cinnamon, elder flower, ginger root and licorice root. Enchanting, powerful, magical - this is a bold, dark, deeply penetrating, inviting tea.

I'm still using my mother's auto-focus digital camera, but my photography skills are already starting to improve dramatically, I think. Fewer blurs, more focus. I'm having fun with creating artistic perspective, and adding some visual magic into the mystical mix. Yay!


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