Friday, April 24, 2009

Awen Ancestor Conjure Incense

ל' ניסן תשס"ט
Annwn 1

Open a magical door to the ancestral spirits of the Otherworld. Awen Ancestor Conjure Incense is a sacred brew derived from a traditional Celtic Faery Witchcraft recipe for pathworking with the Ancestors. A blend of certified organic dittany of Crete, whole star anise with seeds, marshmallow leaf, acacia leaf, myrrh and patchouli with cedarwood essential oil, the botanicals were ground using a natural olive wood mortar and pestle, and called with three breaths of Awen to awaken as a bridge to the Ancestors under the erev shabbat New Moon of Annwn during the planetary hour of Jupiter.

The 4 dram corked vial is sealed with black wax, pentacle stamped and hung with a silver key bearing the letter "E", the fifth letter of the alphabet. "E" is the English descendant of the ancient proto-Sinaitic letter "hei" (from which is also derived the modern Hebrew letter ה). In Jewish Kabbalah, it is taught that the letter "hei" gave birth and ever continues to give birth to all the magical letters of the Hebrew alphabet (as is Awen the origin of all the magical Ogham of the Coel Bren).

Ogham staves:

Ruis - Elder (unhewn dolmen, r, reish ר)
Ailm - Fir/Pine (wonder, a, aleph א)
Huath - Hawthorne (awe, h, hei ה)

ראה - perceive, see, investigate, examine, understand, determine

Made under the Dark Moon of Annwn, use under the evocative power of the Full Moon. Caution - Ancestor work is not to be undertaken lightly or as a hobby.


Eleusis D said...


The letter/sound "eh" looks like an inverted triangle in Devanagari, and is the sound that is emitted by the womb of the Awakened Ones in Tantra. It is from eh-eh (two triangles - one pointed up and the other pointed down) that the home and garden of Wisdom (like Gnostic and Jewish Sophia, is considered female) Prajna is formed. A/k/a the star of David, no?

Very nice. . .

Myfanwy said...

Thank you.