Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sage Witch Wand

ט' אייר תשס"ט
Annwn 10

I've acquired a new wand. In addition to my wand of the epiphany (made from wood of the lilac bush right outside my childhood bedroom window), I now possess this sage witch wand made from the wood of an Elder tree in the UK.

The Elder tree is known as the witch's tree. A home for the Elder Mother, wise and powerful matriarch of hedgerows, woods and semi-wild places, the Elder tree corresponds to the Ogham letter Ruis and to the mystery of the Unhewn Dolmen (the secret doorway to the mysteries). Elder is a highly charged and magical threshold tree, guarding and guiding through portals to the hidden realms.

This stunning knobby knotted wand is perfect for my initiation into mystical maturity. Its patterns and colors are simply wonderful, whispering of spectacular depths and inner glory. It called my name as soon as I saw it, and I answered its call. This is real magic.

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