Monday, May 11, 2009

Midsummer Balefire Liquid Light

י"ח אייר תשס"ט
Annwn 19

This exquisite ritual oil for Midsummer Litha Sabbat celebrations is a blend of Damask Rose and Sandalwood essential oils in a certified organic Safflower base oil. Handcrafted during the planetary hour of Saturn, Midsummer Balefire Liquid Light is charged with the energies of a dark blue Lapis Lazuli gemstone, Red Rose petals and Chamomile flowers (both flowers are certified organic botanicals). You can easily see the Lapis Lazuli gemstone in the bottle in the third photo (at WITCHCRAFTS).

This unique blend (embraced by the arms of the Fae and by the awesome spirit of this tree-bush) brilliantly comes together to form liquid light, revealed like a splendid rainbow weave of crystal colors in the bottle. Truly beautiful!

The two oils (Damask Rose and Sandalwood) and the two flowers (Red Rose and Chamomile) each magically correspond to elemental water, while the Sun is the planetary correspondence of the Chamomile flowers. In Midsummer Balefire Liquid Light Ritual Oil, fire (understanding) in the form of liquid light (conscious awareness) is born through water (wisdom) with the power of the Sun waxing toward the summer solstice.

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