Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kabbalistic Meditation For Alignment

כ"ו בניסן תשס"ז

Kabbalah teaches that each human soul is actually composed of five levels - nefesh (animated soul), ruach (wind), neshamah (breath), chayah (living) and yechidah (single one). The nefesh itself is composed of two levels - nefesh elokit (malchut of the overall soul, the divine spark) and nefesh habehamit (physical body). Thus, we will be working with six basic levels of the soul.

Generally, it is believed that the souls typically have conflicting goals, resulting in functional misalignment. Here is a daily meditation designed to bring one's souls back into alignment and unity. The meditation is merely an outline which can be uniquely tailored to one's spiritual practice.

1. Light a small candle and a stick of incense (optional step).

2. In a quiet place, sit and align your physical frame in a proper but relaxed posture.

3. Breathe, letting your back muscles and torso move with each breath.

4. Lightly touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue, breathing (through the deep back of your throat) in and out through your nose until a regular relaxed rhythm is achieved. Sway or rock if you feel so inclined.

5. Begin counted breaths. Count to 6 as you inhale slowly and evenly.

6. Pause to the count of 6.

7. Exhale slowly and evenly to the count of 6.

8. Pause to the count of 6, closing your eyes.

9. Take a breath with the sets of 6 for the physical body (nefesh habehamit). As you inhale, envision breathing in pure blue-white sparkling light drawn from the Dark Pool of the Divine Essence formed into the STa"M letter yod (י). The tag and the kotz anchor you from one end (of the Divine) to the other (the physical). As you exhale, envision breathing out the letter hei (ה), filling your body with the blue-white sparkling light. See the inside of your physical body dance with this living light, mingling with your blood, tissues and organs. See the ends of your hair and fingertips gently spark. Feel it cleansing your body.

10. Take a breath with the sets of 6 for the divine spark (nefesh elokit) which permeates and hovers your physical body. As above, inhale the letter yod and exhale the letter hei, filling the nefesh elokit with pure sparkling blue-white light drawn from the Dark Pool through the nefesh habehamit. See the sparkling blue-white light pour out from within through the flesh of your skin and into full expanse of the nefesh elokit which surrounds your physical body. See the unity of the nefashot in the living light. See it quietly pulsate with life. Feel it cleansing your lifeforce.

11. Take a breath with the sets of 6 for the ruach which surrounds the nefashot like an egg. As above, inhale the letter yod and exhale the letter hei, filling the egg of the ruach with the sparkling blue-white light drawn from the Dark Pool through both the nefesh habehamit and the nefesh elokit. See the ruach shine with diamonds of brilliant blue-white light at the edges casting soft rays toward your core. Feel it annihilate all negative emotions and psychological complexes as the rays run and return from edges to core, core to edges.

12. Take a breath with the sets of 6 for the neshamah, which concentrates like a haloed sphere around and over your head like a crown, where the crown extends beyond the boundary of the ruach. Inhale the letter yod and exhale the letter hei - as you exhale, see the sparkling blue-white light rush up the spine from the center of your core into your head, pouring sprinkling bursts of living light out your nose, ears, eyes, third eye and top of your head into the crown which represents your neshamah. Simultaneously, see the living light course through your physical nervous system into your skin receptors and into the "places" of the nefesh elokit and ruach. See sparks drop like waters of truth from the tips of the crown into the ruach, nefesh elokit and physical body (nefesh habehamit). See untruth dissolve away within your mind, replaced by the pure Light of Truth.

13. Take a breath with the sets of 6 for the chayah. Inhale the letter yod, exhale the letter hei. See the sparkling blue-white light burst out from within your core, penetrating all previous soul levels in a dazzling display of radiant light surrounding your entire being for several yards. Don't envision it - see it by knowing it. Feel its presence. Be still. See nothing. Experience Pure Enlivened Consciousness.

14. Take a breath with the sets of 6 for the yechidah. Inhale the letter yod, exhale the letter hei. See a dazzling lazer-like line shoot out from your core in both directions, head to toe and beyond into the Dark Pool at both ends. Feel grounded in it. Feel the Dark Peace resting in the heart of the dazzling lazer line of Divine Light. See Divine Sparks shower down over you with soft warmth, and rise from the ground to kiss your lips as the Dark Heart of Peace beats in rhythm with your own heart. Experience the Healing Power. Feel it healing you.

At this point, we are breathing with the lifeforce of YH YHYH (יה יהיה) through both immanent and transcendent soul levels in unity.

15. Repeat steps 9-14 four more times, such that the exercise has been completed five times - once for each Universe - kadmon, atzilut, beriyah, yetzirah and assiyah.

16. Begin breathing normally.

17. After a few cycles of normal breathing, open your eyes and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth.

18. Stretch, stand up, let candle and incense burn out.

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