Thursday, April 05, 2007

Divine Shabbat Consciousness In A Bottle

י"ח בניסן תשס"ז

I prepared the first trial batch of Feminine Clarity ritual purification oil tonight under the planetary influence of Saturn and a waning gibbous moon 90% full.

The modified recipe is as follows:

30 mls (1 oz. or 1/8 cup) jojoba oil
3 drops myrrh
2 drops frankincense
2 drops spikenard
5 drops cinnamon bark
1 drop hyssop
1 drop benzoin
1 drop vanilla

Fifteen (יה) total drops of essential oil were used to make Feminine Clarity, where fifteen represents the concealed upper half of the Divine Name (the tetragrammaton). Fifteen has a digit sum of 6 (ו) and is brought down through gathering together the supplies and tools for making the blend into a focused location (my workspace) in time (tonight). The act of actually making the blend further brings down feminine clarity into reality and forms the final hei (ה) of the tetragrammaton.

The five drops of cinnamon bark oil were quite by accident (the original intent was to use one drop) but I let the "accident" remain unaltered instead of adding other ingredients to make original proportions. Cinnamon powerfully raises spiritual vibrations, and given that this week is Pesach, the additional drops were likely an "accident" orchestrated by the Universe to raise spiritual vibrations by an expressive factor of five (hei, ה). There are five total "redemptions" in this blend. Consequently, this "accident" of clumsiness was no accident.

The waning gibbous banishes negativity and impurity through the channel of the letter tzadi (90 צ), where tzadi contains the power to actualize potential and to draw down divinity into the world.

Saturn governs Shabbat and is represented by the letter reish (ר). Reish represents clarification and drawing shabbat consciousness into the weekday.

Thus, the first batch of Feminine Clarity is characterized by rectified expressiveness (five, hei), clarity-clarification (reish), shabbat consciousness drawn down into normative awareness (reish) and complete redemption.

Note: All oils used, excluding the carrier (jajoba), are essential oils. Storage vessel changed to red crystal bottle with clear crystal stopper. The magickal properties of red include survival, transformation and life renewal.

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