Saturday, April 07, 2007

Amplifying Divine Shabbat Consciousness

י"ט בניסן תשס"ז

Regarding preparation of the first batch of Feminine Clarity, in the entry I later noted:

The vessel chosen to store this blend had also changed from the original plan. It is being stored in a ruby crystal bottle with a clear crystal stopper. Why?

Michael Braunstein writes regarding crystals:

What time is it? Look at your watch. Chances are, you just looked at a wristwatch that uses a quartz crystal to accurately clock the electrical flow of energy from the watch battery. Put on a CD. Listen to a favorite tune. You just activated a sound system that uses a laser to read tiny pits and flat spots on a plastic-coated metal disc. That laser uses a ruby crystal (that's why it's red) to amplify and organize the light energy that reflects off of those CDs. Did you drive to work today? The ignition system of your car likely uses a small silicon crystal chip to regulate the firing of the spark plugs of the engine. Listen to Otis XII? Your car radio uses a transistor made from silicon to amplify the sound. And your home or work computer? Intel Inside™? You bet. And what's it made from? A computer chip is a chip allright; a chip of silicon quartz crystal. Why do you think they call it Silicon Valley?

The point is, you are using crystals everyday and all day long. These crystals, in the form of computer chips, transistors, clocking devices, liquid crystal displays, etc., are all doing some basic things with energy. They are maintaining, changing, manipulating the characteristics of energy to perform tasks. They store, amplify, correct and control energy waves. Not so mysteriously either. It is, as it turns out, a natural property of crystals to be able to do that.

Plain and simple! If your laptop can store information on silicon quartz crystal reworked by Intel, then what makes you think it's impossible that a quartz crystal pendant might store the energy of a conflict at the gas station earlier in the day? Or an argument with your mom. Or a loving moment of romance with your girlfriend? Energy is energy; crystals is crystals.

Crystal transistors can amplify Eddie Van Halen's guitar to 140 decibels of pure grunge, (through the PA system -- not his amp -- which is a Marshall and uses tubes, not transistors -- a whole other column.) Then don't you think an amethyst crystal properly used can amplify the healing energy of your body?

Or the Divine Shabbat consciousnes focused into my blend called Feminine Clarity?

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