Friday, April 13, 2007

Creating Keys For Remembrance

כ"ו בניסן תשס"ז

Excerpt from T. Thorn Coyle's Evolutionary Witchcraft:

There are other practices you can do throughout the day to remind yourself to ground, center and bring yourself fully into the moment at hand. My favorite is to create "keys" for myself. These keys are attention tricks that remind me of my spiritual life and my reasons for attempting to work on my self. My most effective key is to pause and really notice every time I am about to put my hand on a doorknob. I will take a breath, look at the knob, feel my body, and let a calm space open up inside as I reach for and turn the knob. This can be done in about five seconds. Another key I use is to notice my butt and thighs in the chair as I am sitting at my computer. This reminds me to stay in my body, anchored to my breath, and not let my mind spin off in disconnected fantasies that eat my energy.

You can key your reminders to turning on the lights or opening the refrigerator or drinking a glass of water. A key should be something simple, yet something you do often enough that it will serve you well as reminding factor. You are connected. You are not just living in a world created inside your head, but in a breathing, living, functioning universe. This exercise is not only a way to remind yourself of your spiritual practice, but a way to notice that you have a place in the larger world.

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