Monday, March 05, 2007

Ritual Bath

Ritual Bath Materials.

consecrated black bowl with warm tap water
salt from the Dea Sea

Ritual bath procedure.

Add small chunk of Dead Sea salt from Israel to black ritual bowl containing warm water.

Stand facing north (Gevurah, fire), holding bowl with left hand and athame with right hand.

Take deep cleansing breath.

Purify and consecrate the salt water, placing tip of athame into the water, saying:

Out from you I cast all that is impure and unclean. Blessed are you, with the heart of the Shechinah. You are Holy. So mote it be.

Lay athame upon northern corner of altar.

Face north holding bowl with both hands. Raise bowl of salt water upward, saying:

Shechinah, fierce and intense, gentle and mild, blessed are You, and I am Your beloved child.

Dip finger of choice [1] in bath, close eyes.

Anoint eyelids by drawing a small pentagram (invoking air [2]) on each with your finger, saying:

Open my eyes to see, my mind to understand and my perception to clarity.

Open your eyes.

Dip finger of choice in bath, anointing your ears in same fashion, saying:

Open my ears to hear the truth.

Similarly, anoint your mouth, saying:

Open my lips to speak the truth.

Similarly, anoint your breast, saying:

Open my heart to beat with compassion.

Similarly, anoint the palms of your hands, saying:

Open the strength of my hands to do rightly.

Similarly, anoint your loins, saying:

Open my lifeforce to flow with the Source of Peace.

Similarly, anoint your knees, saying:

Open me to be a revealed blessing.

Similarly, anoint the tops of both feet, saying:

Open the path to all good and guard my way upon it.


[1] One may use Ari's chiromancy correspondences or Ogham correspondences or even whichever finger "moves you" to use it.


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