Sunday, March 11, 2007

Herb Garden Ostara Ritual

Initial Preparations:

Ritual bath.
Anoint with sabbat oil [1].
Don ritual clothes and pentacle.
Collect supplies for ritual in park or wooded area.


Container for herb garden.
Potting soil.
Seeds or starter plants - lavender, cilantro (coriander), rosemary, cinnamon, thyme, other.
Container of water.
Garden tools.
Blanket for ground.
Altar supplies (athame, chalice, stone, incense stick & holder, bowl, tea candle, outdoor lighter).
Cauldron to hold tea candle (breeze resistant).
BOS and witch cord.
Wine and sweet bread.

Park Ritual.

Spread blanket on earth.

Set up altar area on blanket [2].

Place BOS and witch cord on western side.

Set up herb garden supplies in center of blanket.

Invite watchtowers.
N-fire, thank Goddess for all healing and necessary destruction.
Light tea candle.
E-air, thank God for all mental and intuitive abilities.
Light incense stick.
S-water, thank God for emotional balance.
Pour a bit of water into small bowl.
W-earth, thank Goddess for growth and nourishment.
Place stone and sweet bread upon blanket.

Cast circle.

Face west.

Pour wine into chalice, saying:
Blessed are You, Goddess of all life, who guides me to wise understanding, proper compassion and right action.
Take a sip. Pour a drop onto the earth.

Pick up sweet bread, saying:
Blessed are You, Goddess of all life, who nourishes me with all goodness.
Take a bite. Break off a piece and drop onto the earth.

Plant herb garden in container.
When planting is completed, draw pentagram over it in the air (invoking earth), saying:
Grow in goodness and health. Renew and bless us with your beauty.

Banish the Imbolg season and invoke the Ostara season, with (earth) banishing and invoking pentagrams, respectively. Conclude by saying:
So mote it be.

Release watchtowers and open circle.


[1] Sabbat Oil: 1 tsp. frankincense (powdered), 1 tsp. myrrh (powdered), 1 tsp. benzoin (powdered) added to 1/4 cup pure virgin olive oil and heated together slowly until gums have melted. Cool and store.

[2] N-fire, E-air, S-water, W-earth (Zohar, Sefer Yetzirah)

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Liorah-Lleucu said...

Sabbat oil prepared 3/14/07. Planetary hour: Venus.