Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Genuine HENBANE Magic Oil with Hyosycamus niger for Dark Goddess Rites, Love Spells, Rain Making Weather Magic

א' בשבט תשע"ב
Imbolgen 3
Rowan 5

Real magic for real magic practitioners.

HENBANE Oil is an essential curio in any serious witch's cupboard. Associated with water, Saturn and Dark Feminine energy, this handcrafted HENBANE Oil contains genuine Hyosycamus niger botanical and cold infused HENBANE oil.

Use HENBANE Oil for Dark Goddess pathworking, sexual attraction, love spells and rain making weather magic

The 3 ml corked spell bottle is sealed with black wax and adorned with a silver metal WITCH CRAFT charm hung on handmade Mystic silk sari ribbon.

**SAFETY WARNING - Hyosycamus niger, also known as Henbane, is HIGHLY TOXIC, POISONOUS and may be LETHAL if ingested. DO NOT INGEST. DO NOT HANDLE OR PREPARE FOOD after using this oil until after you have washed your hands. Keep locked away from children, pets, and unsuspecting adults.**

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