Sunday, January 15, 2012

FIRE OF AZRIEL Kabbalah Hoodoo Oil

כ״א בטבת תשע"ב
Grael 24

AZRIEL (also known as Azrael) is an Archangel whose Hebrew name (עזריאל) means "whom the Divine helps." AZRIEL is also a male descendent (commonly known as Ezra) of the biblical Aharonite priests in the Hebrew Torah, and a powerful spiritual intercessor for the faithful in the Zohar, an ancient esoteric work of Jewish kabbalists. FIRE OF AZRIEL kabbalah and hoodoo oil may be used to acquire occult knowledge, angelic assistance, psychic powers, for skrying and for all kinds of divination. FIRE OF AZRIEL contains certified organic ingredients and includes cedarwood, juniper berries, sandalwood and more. Scented with a select blend of essential oils.

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