Thursday, January 05, 2012

DARK FAERIE Soy Pillar Candle

י״א בטבת תשע"ב
Grael 14

Deliciously dangerous. Enchantingly evocative. Darkly divine.

Take a magical walk on the wild side.

Handcrafted with premium certified kosher soy wax and pure cotton wick, this beautifully sinful DARK FAERIE Artisan Alchemy™ deep black and bold pink soy pillar candle is magically charged with a pentalpha of Fae favored herbs and flowers including Elfin Thyme, Clover, Foxglove flowers, Heather flowers, and Rose petals. Generously scented with an enchantingly magical aroma featuring notes of Freesia, Tulip, Cashmere Musk and more, the candle is adorned with black tulle and sheer ribbon in the colors of spring.

Use DARK FAERIE for Celtic magic, faery workings, second sight, shadow work, and gothic touched spring sabbat celebrations.

Pillar measures 2x3".

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