Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celtic Dreams Emerald Jewel Dreamcatcher

ב' באלול תש"ע
Belz 4

This exquisite CELTIC DREAMS EMERALD JEWEL dreamcatcher hangs over my bed. The ring measures 14 inches and is gracefully draped with emerald leather, white fox fur and peacock feathers. Moss agate, tiny emeralds and diamond-like quartz crystals, a silver dragon and a silver skeleton key are captured in the intricately interwoven web.

The key unlocks the mysteries.

Dragon embodies primordial power, balanced strength and hidden mystery. A guardian and guide, Dragon awakens inner Divinity and reveals mystical wonder.

A gateway to higher knowledge, Peacock is a totem of nobility, watchfulness, sweet harmony, laughter, karmic connections, inner wisdom and resurrection.

White Fox enables unity to be grasped and knowledge to be utilized wisely on all levels. It embodies cleverness, concern for family, adaptability, cunning observation, integration, swiftness of thought and action, sure-footedness in the physical world, and sexual intensity.

Emerald (pitdah, פטדה) is the jewel of the tribe of Shimon. It protects from immorality, is used in love potions, combats fevers and captures flashes of wisdom.

Situated in the middle of the first row on the choshen mispat (breastplate of the high priest), the Hebrew word "pitdah" is believed to derive from the Assyrian word "hipindu" which means "flashing" or "shimmering." The magical word "pitdah" comes from the Hebrew root פטד which means to "be distinctive".

Clear quartz clarifies and amplifies.

Taken together, flashes of wisdom are caught, brought forth into distinct understanding and integrated faithfully into awareness by my dreamcatcher, to remain known in the conscious mind upon awaking.

This is just a most awesome dreamcatcher.

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