Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ALL HALLOW'S EVE Ancestor Altar Witch's Ladder

ל׳ באב תש"ע
Belz 2

Conjure the ancestors this Samhain (also known as Halloween or Nos Galan Gaeaf), invite them to your Sabbat handfasting, or take your magic to the crossroads using this ALL HALLOW'S EVE Ancestor Altar Witch's Ladder and/or Handfasting cord, handcrafted at the witching hour on the night of the Dark Moon.

Made with Diorite bulky black cameo yarn, black Homespun yarn, orange satiny ribbon, a silver skull and crossbones charm, a silver pentacle charm, 9 orange glass beads and 22 knots.

Meanings of the traditional colors of Samhain:

Orange - deep delight and ecstasy, harmony, beauty, artfulness, creativity, sexuality, trust, insight, individuation, wisdom, perseverance, attaining balance, improving memory, increasing wealth, promoting career, having fun

Black - mystery, deep mind, hidden knowledge and worlds, power, all potentiality, restfulness, night, new beginnings

The skull and crossbones guards the crossroads and leads us into the mysteries of Otherworlds.

The silver pentacle is a powerful protective symbol of the Old Ways, of Witch Craft.

In Celtic Witchcraft, nine is the diameter of the witch's sacred circle.

Like the number of knots in ALL HALLOW'S EVE, there are 22 letters in the magical Hebrew alphabet.

Measuring 60 inches (= 5 feet = five elemental corners of the encircled Pentacle), this magnificent cord corresponds to the "SECRET WITHIN THE SECRET" of the witch's sacred circle through the magical Hebrew letter Samech (having both a gematria-numerology value of 60 and written in the form of a closed circle).

Comes beautifully packaged.

This magical cord may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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