Sunday, March 01, 2009

Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction

ו' אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 7

The third item I am planning to add to my line of magical enchantments for WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu is Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction. It is my own unique blend of blackthorn berries, hawthorne leaf, bloodroot and other secret ingredients concocted into pomegranate seed oil, and charged with a small onyx gemstone.

My etsy shoppe opens March 29.


Myfanwy said...

First step of preparation: main herbs blended with the waning gibbous moon 90% full, on Friday the 13th, during the planetary hours of Mars, with the Sun in the 22nd degree in the sign Pisces and in the 1st degree in the constellation Pisces. Basic herb batch:

1 oz. blackthorn berries
1 oz. hawthorne leaf/flower
1 oz. bloodroot pieces
1/2 oz. sweet cinnamon pieces

Myfanwy said...

The next step (to be done on the Dark Moon) will consist of soaking the herbal mixture in heated pomegranate seed oil to make a herbal infusion, and allowing it to cool naturally (the liquid 'extract' can then be decocted after purchase and used as a ritual oil while the remaining herb material can be used as a gift to the Land during a Black Goddess Underworld Initiation ritual).