Saturday, February 21, 2009

True Petrified Amber & Dragon's Blood In Pomegranate Seed Oils

כ"ח שבט תשס"ט
Imbolgen 28

I've just purchased some supplies for items I will be carrying in my new etsy store WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu. My first two creations will be true Dragon's Blood-Pomegranate Seed oil and true Petrified Amber-Pomegranate Seed oil. These oil infusions are going to be made with premium ingredients - not the cheap stuff you can buy anywhere at one of a million metaphysical shoppes.

The dragon's blood (daemonorops draco) resin I've purchased is select Gold Seal Dragon's Blood from Sumatra. This is the best on the market.

Most amber oils and incense on the market are not made from real petrified or semi-petrified amber resin at all, but rather are blends of benzoin, styrax or copal resins only. My amber oil will be made with true petrified amber (succinum sp.) from Russia and true semi-petrified amber (succinum sp.) from China, touched with a naughty bit of extra dark India amber (a combination of liquid benzoin or styrax resin with a touch of vanilla and chocolate notes in a beeswax base).

Both my dragon's blood oil and amber oil will be infused into a pomegranate seed (punica granatum) carrier oil. This is a very exquisite premium ingredient - four ounces of it can cost $30-$50 or more. The pomegranate seed oil I am using is certified organic through OTCO, cold pressed and originates from Turkey in the Mediterranean. Pomegranate seed oil from the Mediterranean region is considered to be the most desirable of the pomegranate seed oils on the market because it contains higher concentrations of antioxidants and other beneficial properties acquired due to the climate, soil and traditional farming methods of the Mediterranean. The pomegranate oil I'll be using is a soft amber color, virtually odorless (unlike most carrier oils), and has a shelf life of 14-16 months.

My handcrafted premium oil infusions will be sold in 4 dram (0.5 ounces) amber vials, sealed with professional burgundy (dragon's blood) or black (amber) wine-bottle sealing wax, wax-stamped on the top with either a pentacle (dragon's blood) or a star of David (amber) with inset areas highlighted with gold brocade metallic ink, and hung with a red or black ribboned charm and other unique beautifications (such as beads, ragged fabric threads, etc.). Charms to choose from at this point include a welsh dragon, celtic knot, star of David or a key. All charms are made of copper. Before each vial is sealed, a very small natural clear quartz crystal will be intentionally introduced into it, to magnify the magic each oil infusion contains.

This is only the beginning of WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu. Opens March 29, 2009.


Mama Kelly said...

They sound wonderful. Amber oil is a favorite of mine!

Best of luck to you and much prosperity in your venture

Mama Kelly

Myfanwy said...

Amber is also my favorite! :) Thank you for the well wishes.

Myfanwy said...

First batch of true amber oil prepared during the planetary hour of the Sun, with the sun in the 0th degree of the sign Aries in the 0th degree of the constellation Pisces, and with the waning crescent moon 24% full.

Base recipe:

15 ml pomegranate seed oil certified organic
1/8 tsp petrfied amber, ground
1/8 tsp semi-petrified amber, ground
1/16 - 1/8 tsp extra-dark India amber
6 drops amber moon