Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moon Square Mars Esbat Candle Dressing

י"ד תמוז התשס"ח
Faunus 16

A recipe for a candle dressing mixture for the Forest Dance full moon esbat candle. Into an almond carrier oil, add a pestle ground mixture of:


2 parts passion flower (peace)
2 parts lotus (protection, lock-opening)
2 parts myrrh (lifts vibrations, healing)
2 parts white sandalwood (manifestation)


1 part ginger root (success)


1 pomegranate seed (fire, essence of Divine emanation)

My candle dressing mixture for this year's Forest Dance full moon was prepared during the planetary hour of Venus (corresponding to the magical hebrew letter kaf, associated with the power to actualize potential) with the moon 100% full. The esbat candle itself was also charged with a clear quartz crystal and ritually inscribed with my spell using hebrew and ogham letters. My esbat candle was ignited during the planetary hour of Mercury, corresponding to the magical hebrew letter pei and associated with the communication of esoteric knowledge.

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