Tuesday, May 21, 2013

THUSSARAUN Thurisaz Rune Lightning Bolt Pillar Blót Candle w/ 9 Sacred Herbs

Thussaraun Pillar Blot Candle

 Nú era Háva mál, kveðin Háva höllu í
allþörf ýta sonum, óþörf jötna sonum
heill sá er kvað, heill sá er kann
njóti sá er nam, heilir þeirs hlýddu [Havamal 164]

THUSSARAUN (meaning "initiatory test") is linked (in the traditional rune poem known as Malrunakenningar) to an ancient proto-etin (proto-giant) called Fornjotur and to the rune Thurisaz (also known as Thurs in the Younger Futhark).

In Havamal 164, the word óþörf releases the powerful initiatory energy of the THUSSARAUN. The transliteration of the word óþörf into Younger Futhark runes is ᚢᚦᛆᚢᚱᚠ (ur-thurs-ar-ur-reidh-fe).

Looking at the runes which formulate the whole word (óþörf), the first ur and the ar-ur surrounding the thurs (thurisaz in the Elder Futhark) can be seen as strengthening the thurs, while the last letters reidh-fe make the strengthened thurs both mobile and increased. How the thurs plays out into the life of the initiate is solely dependent upon how the individual handles the thurs rune.

A powerful but potentially dangerous rune, thursiaz/thurs means thorn and conjures up preconscious aggressive chaotic forces, both in the being of the initiate and in the cosmos. Consequently, this is a dangerous rune to invoke, but this is the rune which must be successfully managed and its energy controlled to enter into the deep mysteries of the runes.

Powerfully evocative, handcrafted with premium all natural paraffin wax and pure cotton wick, THUSSARAUN features the emblematic colors of the Teutonic peoples (white, red and black), is generously scented with Saturn-associated Mimosa (and more), herb charged with the 9 sacred herbs of Northern Tradition Witchcraft (Mugwort, Plantain, Nettle, Fennel, Chamomile, Chervil, Watercress, Crabapple Wood and Viper's Bugloss), painted with 9 hand painted rune-red thurisaz runes, and wrapped with black and red suede leather adorned with a silver metal Thor's lightning bolt (to aid you toward control) charm.

Use THUSSARAUN for self-initiation into the mysteries of the runes, Norse shamanism, Northern Tradition magic, and powerful protection.

Measures 2 X 3 inches. Each candle exhibits a uniquely mottled pattern, please allow for natural variation.

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