Tuesday, May 07, 2013

BRIGID Sunwheel Pillar Candle w/ Brigid's Cross on Hannah Silk, Handspun Mohair for Protection, Fire Magic, Creativity, Crossing Thresholds


The presence of the Brigid's cross in Ireland is far older than Christianity. The Goddess Brigid was one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Her feast day was the feast of Imbolc, and the cross made of rushes today is very likely the descendant of a pagan symbol whose original meaning may have been locally understood even into the early 20th century in rural Ireland. One remnant of that tradition in the meaning of the Brigid's Cross today, is that it is said to protect a house from fire. This does not fit with any part of the Christian story of St. Brigid, and so is likely a part of the older polytheistic tradition behind the feast day.

Derived from the pagan sunwheel, Brigid's cross is usually made from rushes or, less often, straw. It comprises a woven square in the centre and four radials tied at the ends. It was traditionally believed that a Brigid's Cross protects the house from fire and evil. It is hung in many Irish and Irish-American kitchens for this purpose.

Brigid's crosses are associated with Brigid of Kildare, who is venerated as one of the patron saints of Ireland.

A Celtic Triple Goddess, Brigid is considered the patroness of poetry, smithing, medicine, arts and crafts, cattle and other livestock, and spring. Along with these attributes, she also is associated with fire. Any type of fire symbolism, including light, candles, illumination, heat, warmth or sunrises also belong to this goddess. Arrows, bells, thresholds and doorways are also included in Brigid symbolism. Several animal correspondences are also tied to Brigid, particularly ewe, dairy cows, bees, owls and serpents.

Evoke, embrace and experience the power of BRIGID, fill your sacred space with enchanting illumination, and receive blessing from this awesome Goddess using this stunning fiery amber BRIGID pillar candle handcrafted with premium all natural paraffin wax and pure cotton wick. Generously scented with divinely inspiring sweet Vanilla Blossom, Air Accord, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Wildflowers, Sweet Honey and more, BRIGID is adorned with a lovely silver Brigid's Cross Sunwheel charm hung on luxurious hand dyed Hannah Silk ribbon and handspun Amber Flames curly lock Angora Mohair art yarn.

Measures 2 X 3 inches. Each candle exhibits a uniquely mottled pattern, please allow for natural variation.

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