Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strengthening Magical Will

Power Casting
My friend OneEye wrote to me:

Ever have someone tell you that when casting a spell to keep silent about it? Wonder why? Well, what if you are using your will to change some facet of reality (what spellcasting really is), and someone or some ones find out who do not wish that to happen, their will can override yours. Likewise, I'm sure we all know or know about people with exceptionally strong wills who have accomplished their designs despite great forces set against them. Why? Because their will was stronger than the will of those set against them.

This is true. To be honest, sometimes I "tell my spells" precisely so that adversaries with strong wills will attempt to thwart my will from manifesting as an exercise to strengthen my magical will. I believe that consciousness and will remain connected to the spells we work (generally, unless "cut off"), so an adversary working against my will gives my will a strengthening workout (by pushing and railing against it), so to speak. I've built up the strength and power of my will in this manner over the years.

One easy example of the power of this approach can be seen in the very existence and success of Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy. Despite that I live in the conservative Midwest bible belt (as opposed to a liberal environment like California) and despite the adversarial opposition my shoppe has encountered from publicly slanderous competitors, Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy continues to succeed and has grown to become a premier artisan occult shoppe on Etsy.

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