Saturday, September 01, 2012

FAERIE MAGICK Olde World Focused Ritual Kit for Calling the Fae & Nature Spirits, Faerie Sight, Wishes, Playfullness, Fun, Joy, Happiness

Faerie Magick Focused Ritual Kit

FAERIE MAGICK Olde World Focused Ritual Kit will assist you to successfully invoke the Fae and other Nature Spirits, conjure helpful cosmic energies, acquire faerie sight, manifest wishes and immerse your world with the beauty and wonder of innocence.

This FAERIE MAGICK Focused Ritual Kit contains:

1 FAERIE MAGICK Faery Dusted Shimmering Soy Pillar Votive Candle
1 FAERIE MAGICK Old World Resin and Herb Potion drenched with honey
1 FAERIE MAGICK Purple Power Incense Spell Powders
1 FAERIE MAGICK Shimmering Pink Potion Ritual Oil
1 Butterfly Faerie Silver Pewter Charm Necklace on Lavender Lilac Ribbon
3 phials of Fae-Favored Florals (Heather, Calendula, Roses), 0.5 ounces each
Comes beautifully packaged in gift box with tissue paper and lovely ribbons.

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