Monday, August 27, 2012

Sacred Magick Witches 9 Gemstone 5 Herb POWER POTION in Pentacle Amphora w/ Stand for Spellcasting, Spells, Ritual Workings, Empowerment

Sacred Magick Witch's Power Potion

The color of Spiritual Power and Wisdom, this stunning glass sapphire purple amphora comes with a highly concentrated warm seductive blend of sweet Sandalwood, dark Musk, sultry Amber, deep Patchouli and power-enhancing Cinnamon. Herbally charged with an original pentalpha of organic traditional witches' herbs including Mugwort, Dragon's Blood, Yarrow Flowers, European Vervain and Rue, this stunning brew packs the occult potency of the sacred Pentacle. Nine the measure of the witches' sacred circle, this amazing POWER POTION is gemstone charged with 9 gems including Quartz Crystal, Moonstone, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Peridot, Citrine, Amber, Black Jet, and Red Garnet. Use this empowering Witch's POWER POTION as a potency-enhancing aid to any spell, ritual or invocation.

Exquisitely lovely, this eco-friendly corked vessel is made with 40% recycled glass. Designed as a replica of the amphoras used by the ancients, this beautiful vessel is formed with two handles and a long neck narrower than the body. A silver pewter Pentacle charm hung on a 4x10mm silver plated chain makes this lovely potion bottle an enchanting adornment for your ritual altar. Chain styles may vary according to supply.

Measures 7.5" in height with stand x 3" wide.
Capacity to hold 6.1 ounces/180 ml.

You may choose to have your power potion come with one of the other colors of amphoras if available (see photos, and write note to seller during checkout if you prefer one of the other colors, otherwise, you will receive the purple amphora).

Colors available:

woad aqua blue
lime green
burnished amber
crystal clear
sapphire purple
garnet red

To prevent leakage, potion is shipped in capped plastic bottle and must be poured into your amphora. Packed very well to prevent breakage during shipment.

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