Saturday, June 30, 2012

Troth Works - Blót Kyndills

A new line of dedicated candles is coming soon to WITCHCRAFTS Artisan Alchemy™ ~ Blót-Kyndills ~ for Heathen/Asatru sacred rituals ~ in honor of my Teutonic ancestors and as I myself continue to practice Troth (loyalty to the Ancestors).

This is very exciting for me, especially given the results of all of my DNA tests thus far which demonstrate to me just how extensive and deep my Teutonic roots truly are. My ancestral motherline is Swedish Saami-associated U5b, and when the full sequence mtDNA results come back, I'm very likely going to find that my subclade is U5b1b(1) - a very specific subclade of U5b more particularly associated with Saami ancestral motherline 1 (there are 2 major and 2 minor ancestral motherlines among the Saami). My autosomal DNA results are also heavily Swedish, Norweigian, Finnish, Germanic and just generally of broad Teutonic-Scandinavian stock. I do also have significant Celtic and Jewish ancestral genetic links, so I intend to remain "true" to all of my ancestors, and incorporate some Celtic and Hebrew elements into my own personal rites to greater or lesser degrees as I feel called to do at any particular moment in time. Nevertheless, my ancestral blood is most naturally and deeply Teutonic, and I am inclined to believe, and my DNA evidence supports this - that my Celtic and Jewish connections are admixtures of my Teutonic ancestors with the Celtic and and Jewish people they came into contact with throughout the ages, each brought "into the family" by the others, both in Europe and North Africa. More deeply, I also believe that the Celts, the Hebrews and the Teutons are all descendents of a very very ancient North African population of cro-magnon homo sapiens (also the ancestors of today's North African Berbers to whom I also have ancestral genetic links) and we are all connected together this way as well. So, I approach my personal eclectic rituals from this angle - from the mother people, where Teutonic, Celtic and Hebrew were once one people. Nameless, this prehistorical mother people is Teutonic, is Celtic, is Hebrew - all at once.

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