Monday, April 30, 2012

REVERSING & TWISTING Ritual Oil to Cross Enemies, Twist and Reverse Hexes, Turn Around Evil Eye, Conjure Forces of Karmic Retribution

Powerful magick for serious witches. Handcrafted and charged for serious reversal workings with select certified organic secret botanicals and gemstones, this REVERSING & TWISTING power potion from WITCHCRAFTS Artisan Alchemy™ packs a potent punch against enemies, hexes, curses, malefic magick, the evil eye, evil talkers, stalkers, slanderers, liars, malicious jealousy, psychic vampires and a whole host of baneful forces and negative energies. Use blood red REVERSING & TWISTING Ritual Oil to power up reversal workings, conjure up the forces of upright karmic retribution to engage an aggressive enemy, cross enemies, uncross conditions, reverse malicious spells, remove hexes and jinxes, turn around the evil eye, return to sender negative energy directed at you or a loved one, deflect psychic attacks, and to twist adverse situations (including child custody disputes and legal issues) to your advantage. This is a potently powerful oil, please use caution when working with it. Comes in a 3ml corked glass spell bottle, beautifully packaged.

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