Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FERTILITY & CONCEPTION 15-Herb Occult Oil for Enhancing Fertility, Supporting Conception, Divine Union, Divine Knowledge, Fruition

This awesome FERTILITY & CONCEPTION Occult Oil is handcrafted with select organic fertility-enhancing botanicals and oils including fly agaric, bistort, Daucus carota, dock, European mandrake, hawthorn, horsetail, mistletoe, myrtle, olive leaf, sunflower, patchouli, oak, pomegranate seed, mustard seed. To power up the lifeforce and add vitality FERTILITY & CONCEPTION also contains a genuine garnet gemstone chip for potent vitality and a few secret ingredients as well.

Fifteen is the numerology (gematria) of the Divine Name Yah (יה), the name of Divine Union representing the Masculine and Feminine principles which 'never part' and from whose Union the child of Divine Knowledge is conceived.

0.5 ounces

*This is an occult oil and is not a medical treatment.*

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