Saturday, July 09, 2011

Heulwen GOLDEN GODDESS Ritual Perfume Oil w/ 6 Grael Herbs

ח׳ בתמוז תשע"א
Faunus 10

Simply breathtaking.

Pronounced "Haylwen," HEULWEN means "light of the Sun." A Celtic Sun Goddess, in my own work with HEULWEN, an aura of shimmering light dancing with a multitude of tiny twinkling starbursts surround her always. A beautiful Celtic circlet of white gold crowns her ever radiant brow. Like a waterfall of living light, fluid white gold hair falls upon the ground and blends perfectly into the Earth Light which lovingly embraces Her. She unites the Heavens and the Sacred Land together with perfect harmony and balance.

Handcrafted with premium certified organic ingredients, this Old Ways witch-crafted HEULWEN - GOLDEN GODDESS ritual perfume oil is richly scented with an enchanting original blend of Honey and Wild Flowers. Charged with Baltic Amber, White Copal, White Sandalwood, Calendula, Helichrysum, Acacia Flowers and the most expensive spice in the world, fiery red Saffron Stamens, HEULWEN is adorned with handmade Harvest Wheat silk sari and Olde Gold sheer organdy ribbons.

0.5 ounces

HEULWEN, GOLDEN GODDESS is also available as a 2x3" (see separate listing) pillar or as a 2x4", 2.5x6", 3x4", 3x6" and 3x9" pillar (convo me for custom listing). Matching ritual oil is available in the Potions / Oils / Brews section of the shoppe.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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