Saturday, July 30, 2011

AWEN Artisan Alchemy SACRED GROVE Soy Tapered Square Pillar w/ Oak, Ash, Thorn, Rowan, Bourbon Vanilla & More for Magical Creativity

כ״ט בתמוז תשע"א
Lughnasadh 2

The Divine Feminine Force driving spiritual inspiration, magical creativity and mystical enlightenment is known in Welsh Celtic Tradition as AWEN. Sourced in Arianrhod and bestowed through Ceridwen, AWEN is the Divine Spark wholistically permeating the Celtic soul with the Essence of Goddess.

This enchanting AWEN Artisan Alchemy™ SACRED GROVE Vintage Cream mocha beige soy tapered square pillar candle is a handcrafted blend of six Grael botanicals including Oak, Ash, Thorn, Rowan, Calendula and Ginger. Touched with genuine wind-raising Saffron essential oil, heartwoods and Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla, AWEN reverberates with the gentle power of a magical SACRED GROVE. Artisan handcrafted with Australian Amber, each uniquely one of a kind AWEN pillar is dusted with Medieval Bronze fairy shimmer and Amber pebbles.

Power up and infuse sabbat magical rites, witches' gatherings and spellworkings with AWEN.

Measures 1.5 x 2 x 6.5".

Comes beautifully packaged.

Matching votive candles are also available (see separate listing). Matching ritual oil is available in the Potions / Oils / Brews section of the shoppe.

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