Sunday, May 08, 2011

Old Ways Witch-Crafted NATURAL BEAUTY Ritual Altar Spell Oil

ה׳ באייר תשע"א
Mab 7

Subtly intoxicating. Exquisitely beautiful. Naturally profound.

Walk with beauty and work high magic with the elegant grace of a Natural Witch with this Old Ways witch-crafted NATURAL BEAUTY ritual altar spell oil potently powered with deeply sweet blessings and select certified organic botanicals from the Dark Crone's cupboard. NATURAL BEAUTY is a spirit-favored magic potion blending together Tiger's Eye, Avocado, Dark Golden Amber, Grains of Paradise and Catnip brought and compounded together with magical intent into enchantingly mystical golden yellow Avocado oil. All botanicals in NATURAL BEAUTY are genuine Old Ways craft ingredients - you won't be fooled with powerless substitutes here at WITCHCRAFTS.

Bring natural beauty and occult harmony into your spell workings and high magical rites with NATURAL BEAUTY.

Each 3ml corked glass spell bottle is sealed with yellow wax and adorned with handmade butterscotch silk sari and old gold organdy ribbons.

Comes beautifully packaged.

NATURAL BEAUTY may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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